Patients who need to have their teeth realigned often ask about the possibility of getting Invisalign. This makes sense. After all, the one major concern that many patients have about traditional braces is their physical appearance; but if there is an option to just get braces that are virtually invisible, why not opt for it?

Those who are considering braces should bring their questions to a professional dentist. However, here is some food for thought that you can take with you before heading to Edison Dental.

The Pros of Invisalign

We’ll start off with the fundamental advantages of Invisalign, beginning with the most well-known benefit:

  • They are invisible. Alright, they are not literally invisible, but think of it this way. Invisalign braces have been rather popular for many years now, and are commonly worn by many adults. Do you recall ever having noticed that someone was wearing Invisalign? Most likely, this is because you have seen people wearing them before. It’s just that you could not see their braces.
  • They are removable. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign can actually be removed and reinserted at will, meaning that you can take them out during meals or during special occasions.
  • It will be easier to clean your teeth. Because Invisalign is removable, this also means that you can take them out to brush and floss your teeth. Those who wear traditional braces frequently have difficulty brushing and flossing around the metal wires; removable braces have a definite advantage in comparison.
  • They’re often more comfortable. Though a new pair of Invisalign may cause discomfort for 2-3 days, they can still be significantly more comfortable than traditional metal braces which can cut against the inside of one’s mouth

Some of the Disadvantages of Invisalign

However, there are also some downsides to Invisalign® braces as well:

  • There are some limitations on what it can correct. Though effective for many alignment issues, Invisalign are often not the best solution for dealing with complex orthodontic problems, such as severely rotated teeth and deep overbites, and are often recommended for milder to moderate malocclusions.
  • You will need to clean your teeth after every meal. Because Invisalign fits directly over the teeth, you will need to thoroughly brush and floss after each meal before replacing your braces to clean the debris from the contact points between the braces and your teeth

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