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It is the most advanced way to replace a missing tooth, simulating every part from root to crown. An implant is a permanent fixture that bonds with your body, restoring your bite, keeping the surrounding teeth in place and healthy, and giving you a full smile once again.


A toothache or other dental emergency can leave you in a lot of pain if you don’t get care quickly. We understand that the sooner you get care for your dental emergency, the easier it is to help you save the health of your teeth.


With Cosmetic Dentistry, your smile will be the brightest it's ever been! Our team can help you brighten stained or discolored teeth, restore chipped teeth, or eliminate gaps in your smile. We have affordable plans.


Enjoy the area’s premier whitening, cleaning, and general dentistry services here at Edison Dental. We offer family-friendly preventative dentistry that is tailored to your specific smile! Call us today to schedule.

Restorative Dentistry

Whether you’re looking for repair or replacement, we have you covered. Our Restorative Dentistry options can protect your gums and provide long-lasting relief. Learn more today!


Out Pediatric Dentistry practice at Edison Dental understands that your family's oral health is important. Through a combination of preventative care, monitoring your oral health, and early.


Dental cavities are the most common dental issue in America. Schedule an appointment today at Edison Dental to treat your cavities.

Tooth Extractions

At Edison Dental we offer basic extractions and impacted wisdom tooth extractions. Call today if you experiencing any tooth pain or damage.

Root Canals

When the veins, nerves, and other soft material inside of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it can cause an abscess at the tip of the tooth, bone loss, or the infection to spread.

General Dentistry

A general dentistry like Edison Dental is concerned with the primary care of the teeth, gums, and mouth. A general dentist combines preventative care with restorative procedures to help every patient keep up their oral health.


Did you know that Edison Dental can help you and your family get a better night's sleep? If you snore or think you may have sleep apnea, we can help you.

Dental Cleanings

For us, your oral health is our top priority. Our goal is to keep you and your mouth as healthy and clean as possible so you can maintain your natural teeth for life This starts with regular dental check ups and cleanings.

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