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While millions of Americans already struggle with the fear of the dentist, even more people are scared of getting a root canal. While most people would agree, a root canal has a reputation for being a very painful procedure. It is common for slight discomfort to be found in almost every dental procedure. As long as you select the right doctor to perform your much-needed root canal, you won’t be worried about your upcoming procedure much longer.

Here at Edison Dental, we have successfully performed root canals for our patients all across the Plainfield, New Brunswick and Edison areas of New Jersey. We understand the importance of having a beautiful smile, and we have gone to great lengths to create, maintain and repair smiles for men, women and children for years.

The highest standards of dentistry are always performed and practiced here. Our level of care and comfort is so important to us that any family looking for a dependable family dentistry should look no further than our experts.

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What exactly is a root canal?

A root canal that is performed when there is a built-up infection inside of the dental pulp of the tooth. The tooth’s nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels are all found inside the dental pulp of a tooth. Any infection found inside the dental pulp can lead to extreme pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate the discomfort is through root canal treatment. Since the discomfort can be very painful, our dentists are available to perform a root canal quickly and effectively.

How is it performed?

It all starts with a small incision on the affected tooth, so our root canal dentists can remove all of the infected areas. Since the human body only needs the roots of a tooth until the adult tooth grows in, the roots and dental pulp are removed during this. After the adult tooth grows in, the roots are only used to feel sensations like hot and cold. Removing the roots from just one tooth will not make your entire mouth numb to sensation. We also remove the roots to eliminate the chance of the infection still spreading post surgery.

The root canal treatment is finished with the sealing of the hole with a rubber substance to help stabilize the tooth. A filling or crown is then placed over the tooth for strong support.

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We have been a dependable dentistry for residents and families all across New Jersey.

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