Our Compassionate Staff Offers Emergency Dental Care

Don’t lay awake all night with two teeth knocked out at a sports game, a toothache that just won’t go away, or old dental work that is coming loose. Whether it’s Christmas Eve, midnight on a Wednesday, or Sunday morning, we are ready to answer your call. Our compassionate staff is always prepared for emergencies, so there is no reason for you to wait for the dental care that you and your family need.

At Edison Dental, located near Plainfield and New Brunswick, NJ, we are a general dentist’s office with wide expertise in cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dental care. We provide 24 hr and seven-day-a-week services to protect your health and relieve your pain.

Whether you are a current or new patient, we will welcome you and provide the quality emergency services that you need, including:

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Root Canal Therapy for Abscessed Teeth

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, swollen jaw, or painful gums, then you may have an abscessed tooth. This occurs when the soft pulp inside the root of a tooth dies and then becomes inflamed and infected.

We offer root canal treatment that will relieve your symptoms and save your tooth. This procedure removes bacteria from the empty canals within your tooth. The canals are then cleaned, shaped, and filled. If the treatment is successful, you will return for a later appointment to receive a crown or other form of dental restoration.

Repair Lost or Loose Fillings

Has your filling become loose or fallen out? Call our office! Our experienced 24-hr dentists will take an X-ray of your mouth and determine the best way to fix your issue. You may be able to get this replaced, or you might need to consider a root canal, crown, or cap.

Emergency Dental Surgery

Sometimes, you need dental surgery right away. Thankfully, our highly-trained oral surgeon is prepared to handle any surgical dental procedure. One of the most common emergency surgeries that our patients require is tooth extraction. This occurs when a tooth (or its root) is too badly damaged to repair.

Another common procedure is a wisdom tooth removal surgery, which occurs when your wisdom tooth erupts from the gum to cause pain and damage. Here are a few signs that you might need emergency wisdom teeth removal:

  • A dull ache in the jaw.
  • Physical discomfort while chewing.
  • A bad taste that never disappears.
  • Difficulty opening your mouth.

This dental problem is incredibly common among young adults and occurs in lower wisdom teeth 95% of the time. That is why it’s important to get regular X-rays to determine if these should be removed before they begin to emerge.

Issues with Existing Dental Work

The dentists at our practice specialize in cosmetic dentistry. We will quickly restore your beautiful smile if you encounter problems such as:

We Care About Your Comfort

Many people find visiting the dentist stressful and will avoid it whenever possible. A dental emergency forces patients to come in, often while feeling immense physical discomfort. Thankfully, our 24-hr dental office will treat you like family. We offer the kindness and expertise necessary to give our patients in Plainfield, New Brunswick, and Edison the most relaxing experience possible.

Don’t wait to receive great dental care. Call our 24-hr dentists at 732-410-6294.