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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are sets of artificial teeth that substitute for one’s missing, natural teeth, and can be easily inserted and removed by the one wearing them. Dentures are usually made from porcelain, ceramic materials, or plastic.

Am I Eligible For Dentures / Partial Dentures?

To find out if you are eligible to be fitted for dentures, consult your specialist. Edison Dental serves the communities near Edison, New Brunswick, and Plainfield. To set up an appointment, call our team of specialists at 732-410-6294.

Patients who are eligible for dentures may have one or the following:

  • Severe decay in multiple teeth.
  • Unusual difficulty in eating.
  • Multiple teeth missing from decay, accidents, or other causes.

What Kinds Of Dentures Are There?

There are, essentially, three different kinds of dentures:

  • Immediate Full Dentures: To wear full dentures (whether immediate or conventional), the dentist will first need to extract any natural teeth that are remaining. Once this is done, the patient can begin wearing dentures almost immediately. However, because the patient’s bones will begin to reshape after a few months without natural teeth, immediate full dentures can begin to feel loose in one’s mouth and will need to be relined.
  • Conventional Full Dentures: Just as with immediate full dentures, conventional full dentures cannot be worn until all remaining natural teeth are extracted. However, with conventional full dentures, the gums are given a few months to heal before the patient begins to wear dentures, thus ensuring a better fit in the long run.
  • Partial Dentures: Made from a framework of metal, partial dentures are attached to and held in place by the natural teeth that the patient still retains. The dentist may place crowns on these natural teeth so that they can better anchor the dentures. Partial dentures are often fitted for those who still have many of their natural teeth in place.

Additionally, denture implants can be a viable alternative to regular dentures for some patients.

What Is The Process For Making Dentures?

A specialist will take an impression of the patient’s mouth using a molding material. From there, the impression will be taken to a lab, from which a set of dentures will be custom made.

If getting full dentures (explained below), the lower denture will be shaped like a ‘U,’ fitting over the lower gums. Upper dentures cover both the upper gums as well as the roof of the mouth (the palate).

How Do I Take Care Of My Dentures?

While not all dentures are made alike, here are some things you can expect to hear from your dentist concerning proper denture care:

  • Dentures should be removed at night, and soaked either in water or the recommended solution.
  • Clean your mouth after removing your dentures.
  • Brush your dentures regularly, at least once per day.
  • Remove and clean your dentures after meals.
  • Take special care to wash your dentures before reinserting them.

How Long Can I Expect My Dentures To Last?

All dentures go through wear and tear over time, and your dentist will need to examine your dentures regularly to see if they need to be realigned or remade. Dentures may also require alteration as the patient ages, as the condition and shape of one’s mouth can change over time. Consult your dentist with any questions.

If you would like to consider being fitted for dentures, or if you are experiencing pain or discomfort from dentures that you are currently wearing, make an appointment today with Edison Dental by calling 732-410-6294. Our emergency dental services team is available around the clock. Our team of qualified specialists serves the communities surrounding Edison, New Brunswick, and Plainfield. To learn more about our team and what we can do, just browse our site.