Cosmetic Dentistry Services

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

dental cosmetics plainfieldCosmetic dentistry is usually classified as any dental work that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, gums, or bite.

Below is a list of examples of procedures and treatments common in cosmetic dentistry. For any questions about cosmetics, or to discuss your options, call Edison Dental at 732-410-6294 or make an appointment on our site. We also serve as a 24 hr dentist, and our entire team of specialists proudly serve the communities in and around Edison, New Brunswick, and Plainfield.

Dental Whitening: Using this procedure, the teeth are bleached, thereby masking or removing the accumulated discoloration and stains. This is commonly requested by patients with severe discoloration due to coffee and tea drinking, tobacco use, decay, injuries or other environmental causes.

Tooth Reshaping: Also known as odontoplasty, tooth reshaping involves removing enamel from a particular tooth to correct issues with length, shape, size, or position. Tooth reshaping may also be used to correct a chip in a tooth, and in some cases can be utilized to avoid prescribing braces.

Bonding: Bonding is the application of a plastic substance—made from a tooth-colored composite resin—to a tooth to repair previous damage, to lengthen certain teeth, or to close gaps between teeth. Teeth that are chipped, discolored, fractured or decayed can often be mended through dental bonding, and is one of the easiest cosmetic dental procedures to perform.

Implants: These are metal bases that are surgically inserted into the gums and permanently fused with the jaw bone. Artificial teeth, usually made from a ceramic material, are then mounted onto the metal base. They are often done for patients with missing teeth, and can serve as a viable alternative to full and partial dentures.

Veneers: These are pieces of material, often made of porcelain, that are permanently cemented to the front of teeth. They are often worn by patients whose natural teeth are chipped, cracked or damaged, or have experienced grinding or decay.

Dental Bridges: There are different kinds of bridges, but traditional dental bridges consist of one or more artificial teeth that are secured in place by crowns. Some bridges can be held in place by porcelain or metal frameworks, referred to as Maryland bridges.

Inlays and Onlays: An inlay is a filling, often of porcelain or gold, that is cemented into the space of a cavity. Inlays are custom made for each tooth using an impression taken from a patient’s mouth. Onlays are similar, except that they also include a replacement for the tooth’s cusp (i.e., the ‘point’ of a tooth).

Gum Lift: A gum lift is a procedure that lifts and/or shapes the gum line. Gum lifts are often performed to correct an asymmetrical gum line, or to correct a patient’s tooth-to-gum ratio.

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