Not all tooth pain is created equal. If you feel discomfort when biting down, or even if you experience significant sensitivity to extremely hot or cold liquids, then it’s possible you may have an infected tooth which may require a root canal procedure to remedy.

Since you can never be too sure, if you feel any pain or have any of the symptoms on the following list, we advise you contact your Edison Dental oral specialist immediately.

As one of the leading dentists in the New Brunswick area, we want to help our patients avoid a dental extraction by saving their teeth through endodontic treatment. And, while there are types of tooth pain that can mimic the need for a root canal, such as tooth decay, broken teeth, or tooth grinding, any oral distress you experience should be promptly addressed.

Here are some signs that you may need a root canal:

  1. Severe Toothache Without Clear Cause

If you’re in constant pain that’s not stimulated by temperature changes or chewing, then you may have an infection on your tooth’s nerve.

  1. Pain While Biting or Chewing

Bacteria can seep into cracked teeth, causing intense pain when biting down or chewing. The bone around the area can even be weakened due to an abscess in the surrounding tissue.

  1. Swelling or Tenderness in Gums

Painful or swollen gums can be an indication that an infection is brimming inside your tooth.

  1. Discoloration

If your tooth appears gray, black, or discolored in any way, it may mean you have an infection. This may require not only a root canal but internal tooth bleaching to restore its original color and shade.

  1. Painful Response to Hot and Cold Temperatures

An abnormally noticeable pain caused by this kind of stimulation can be the result of a hypersensitive and infected tooth.

If you believe you may have an infection in your tooth, or have pain that’s disturbing your eating, sleeping, and other everyday activities, then it’s time to stop living in discomfort and call your trusted dentists at Edison Dental. We feature the friendly oral care specialists who are dedicated to keeping your mouth healthy and your smile dazzling.

To schedule a consultation, or for information on our other services, like dentures for our patients in New Brunswick, call us at 732-410-6294 today!