We all know the obvious benefits of getting professional, routine dental cleanings twice a year. The process of removing tartar and plaque, polishing your teeth, and even treating them with fluoride yields excellent results — whiter teeth, a sparkling smile, and that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling are all great advantages of improving your oral health through a dental cleaning, also known as prophylaxis.

But, did you know that keeping your mouth clean can help keep your entire body and mind healthy? Moreover, did you know that good dental hygiene could even save your life one day? At Edison Dental, we provide dentures for patients in New Brunswick, and we want you to enjoy the rejuvenated smile you can gain from a professional oral cleaning. Let’s check out three alternate ways this simple and underappreciated procedure can benefit you.

  1. Help Prevent Diseases

Most of us already know that poor oral health can lead to an array of dental diseases and various form of tooth decay, even bone damage and tooth loss. But failing to keep your mouth clean can also have more subversive side effects. For instance, poor dental health weakens the immune system, and in extreme cases has been known to cause heart disease and strokes in patients. It has even been speculated that there is a significant link between gum disease and dementia.

  1. Assess the Status of Your Gums

A major part of the routine cleaning procedure is checking the teeth and gums for receding, inflammation, and bleeding. Any of these conditions can be indicative of gum disease. The first stage of this ailment, gingivitis, currently afflicts around 80% of Americans. The failure to adequately improve their oral health can cause a patient with gingivitis to progress to more severe forms of gum disease. And if it’s left untreated, it can lead to further ailments with very little chance of recovery.

  1. Revitalize Your Life

Don’t underestimate the effect that a thorough and expertly performed dental cleaning can have on your outlook on life. Having a brilliant and renewed smile can not only add confidence to your appearance and pep to your step, but it can increase your self-esteem. Let one of our oral care specialists revitalize your life and reinvigorate your smile.

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